Thursday, March 21, 2013

Whats with your blog title "Breakin References, Breakin Hearts"

I remember being a kid and listening to my aunt tell several family members how much she enjoyed the movie "The Silence of the Lambs".  I was pretty young at the time (10 or so), so I wasn't very aware of who Anthony Hopkins was, let alone why adults would capture overweight individuals, hold them captive in a pit threathing to spray them with hoses, or why someone would write a movie about it.  Nevertheless, as a child I asked my Aunt why the movie was called what it was called.  I don't remember her answer, I just remember it being relatively vague as she tried to shield my mind from the very things I just discussed... thankfully :)  But as it goes to show, a title can be a fun, insider-like piece of information for those who only experienced the movie, book, etc.  (Incase you never saw The Silence of the Lambs.. a.) you should watch it b.) the title references a scene in the movie where a co-star character comes to grips with their past, and her inability as a child to save lambs from being slaughtered on her uncle's farm).

So what does this have to do with the price of eggs? *

I've seen quite a few people see my blog, read the title, and tilt their heads sideways, similar to the way a dog looks at you incongruously when they sneeze or hoark on a ham-bone.  Yes, the title of my blog is indiscreet.  I'd like to tell you it is a witty, charming line furnished decades ago in history from a past president, scholar or even saint.  It's not, it's half reference to programming, half reference to an inside joke with my wife.  I thought of it when I had 5 free minutes and wanted to start a blog, and for some reason I feel committed to it.  Combing the 2 phrases, I have boiled down the probability of having a person understand the title to 2 people in the world, one of which (my wife) never reads this blog.  Good title choice, eh?

OK, on to the details.  For those of you who dedicated enough time to actually read this far down the page, for one.. I thank you!  For two, "Breakin References" is an allusion to the programming practice of adding a reference to a programming library for tools, features, programmable classes, etc.  These references are dependent on a separate file (such as a .dll file which you may see all over the place on your PC).  When application projects are moved, and these dependent references are not carried over properly, it results in a broken reference error.  The latter half of the phrase is a reference to the phrase "Breaking Hearts", of which Rocky in Rocky I tells Adrian "you look good, you're gonna break hearts".  My wife loved that phrase, and I told her she was going to break hearts once, and she instantly fell in love with me all over again.  And as we got older and had babies, we now say that whenever our daughter is dressed up in a nice dress for a party or whatever, she is going to.. you guessed it.. break hearts.

So there you have it, you can now say that you learned something new today.  It may be useless knowledge.. but the important thing is.. you learned.

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