Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sheet of Intregrity - 2013

I caved.  I watched no more than 10 minutes total of College Basketball this season, yet I had to complete a bracket.. how can you not?  Of course, looking at my picks, I think they can't be more perfect than they are at this moment.  However, 5 minutes into the Oregon\Ok. St. game, I'll be sick to my stomach for not listening to every prognosticator who said you would be a fool to not think the Ducks are ranked way too low and are prime for a solid tourney run.  Oh well.. it's always fun to complete a bracket, if anything for bragging rights :)  I followed my usual strategy (which never works for me, why do I always do the same thing?) of going to a sports website - this year was - and viewing the top 5 "expert brackets", and choosing the majority pick.. with the exception of a few picks.  Most notably is Davidson in a first round upset (oh my goodness, did I really pick them to make it to the sweet 16?), Michigan making it to the Elite 8, and Wisconsin over Gonzaga.  My reasoning.. I have none.. remember how I said I haven't watched much of any college BB?

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