Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A data source associated with the report has been disabled. (rsDataSourceDisabled)

The Backstory

Many months ago, I began the process of launching our SharePoint 2010 install for my organization.  In the process, we decided that we can\should migrate over our existing SQL Server Reporting Services reports to now have access via SharePoint.  We felt the best way to do so was to fire up a new server, install SQL reporting services using "SharePoint Integration Mode", and migrate all reports over from our old "Native"  install to use SharePoint instead.  Apparently, along the way I decided to use a trial version of SQL Server 2008.  How do I know?  Because yesterday afternoon, the magic number of 180 days arrived, and around 2 PM yesterday afternoon my SSRS install turned into a proverbial pumpkin.

The best part about this little journey of mine was that it took me quite a bit of time to learn that was the issue.  Every error message I found was vague, indiscreet, and made no mention of SSRS being expired.  I eventually found traces of the SSRS service not running, and when I attempted to start it, it timed out.  From there, I found that the "current version" of SSRS I was running was "Enterprise Trial"... that's when my heart sunk into my briefs.

I eventually got a "real" copy of SQL, installed it, and was on my way.  Upon reconnecting my SSRS server to SharePoint, everything was working except the pulling of my data (which.. to say.. is the most important part).  I started receiving the error message "A data source associated with the report has been disabled. (rsDataSourceDisabled)" -

The Solution

The issue, I eventually found out, was that when I upgraded my SQL instance and reconnected SharePoint to SSRS, the data sources stored within SharePoint essentially became "invalid".  I had to visit the shared data sources in SharePoint (these will vary in your SharePoint install, depending on where you store your reports), choose to edit them, re-enter the authentication username and password, and check the box "Enable this data source".  Upon doing so, my reports were working again, baller!

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