Friday, October 5, 2012

Viewing valid certificates in IE 9

Man this issue threw me for a loop. 

So I have my SharePoint 2010 site setup to use a Business Intelligence site, but were running our site on SSL.  Low and behold, the site certificates need to be installed on the server and added to the server farm.  (Thank you Kevin Donovan -

His steps worked terrificly, but for one issue, in using IE 9, I couldn't view my site's certificates.  In older versions of the browser, the lock would appear next to the URL.  Or, in some instances, a "Security Report" will be available on the current certificate.  In this case, I had neither. 

The solution - In the end, cant believe this worked.  Right Click the page, view Properties, and click Certificates.  Voila!  Not that this functionality was never there before, because Im pretty sure it was, but atleast now I know you can always get certificate information on the site just because of the properties.

Hope this helps!

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