Monday, October 15, 2012

SharePoint 2010 Dashboard Designer - Hide KPI Target Values in the Scorecard

My KPI target's on my dashboard scorecard's are based on a calculated metric.  For example, my target value is a 1, and I divide some numbers and compare that value to my target (1), if it's above a 1, that's good, if it's below, that's bad.

The SharePoint Dashboard Designer for a BI site is really good for stuff like this (it better be, because that's what it's designed for, actually).  I had one issue plaguing me on this, and after some random clicking, I was able to figure it out.

As I mentioned, my target value is always a "1".  My user's don't need to see, or even care about, my target value in this case, they just want to see a colored arrow indicating whether or not they should plan on firing someone.  Nevertheless, I was getting this stupid, annoying, aggrevating value!


Maybe it's because I'm unaccustomed to some BI and\or SharePoint terminology, but I couldn't find out how to remove this without some errant right-clicking.  In the end, removing this value is done in the scorecard designer itself, and not in the KPI setup.  To remove the target value, right click the KPI cell, select Metric Settings, and set Data Value to None.  Hope this helps!

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