Monday, January 18, 2016

Shangri La Diet (1 Week In)

I read Freakonomics about 2 years ago, in it it mentioned the Shangri La diet (, which spits in the face of all other diets (eat what you want, food is fuel.. the food you've been eating has just tricked your body into thinking otherwise). When I read about the diet, it stuck with me. I think it was something about it attacking why we eat, why our bodies need food, how the primitive part of us craves food when it thinks we need to eat. Something about it spoke to me.

I get headaches time to time, recently my wife prodded me to go to the doctor's, and after 100,000,000 requests I listened. During the checkup they checked my weight. Eeeesh.. my clothes were getting snug, but I was at 191 lbs. I've never been that high.

I got through the remainder of the year, and namely the holidays, but wanted to approach the new year with a new approach. I've tried the "its the new year, let's go to the gym!" thing, and failed miserably at it. I hated that the existing gym members would look at me, laugh knowing I was only there because the new year started, and in the not too distant future would only prove them right, eventually seceding to phrases like "Im tired", "It's too cold", "I have work to do", and my favorite "I'm comfortable with who I am!" My aforementioned headache's also cause some issues, if my heart starts beating a lot, it brings on a headache and puts me down for a day. So.. I don't mind running, but I don't know if I could do it consistently.

"New Year, New Me" Eric finally showed up at my doorstep last week. I purchased the Shangri La diet book and paged through it. 90% of it is pointless (ideas on how to work around diet issues and success stories), but the important stuff was in the other 10%. Namely, to find a "2 hour flavorless window" in which you drink some Extra Light Olive Oil. In short, it works like a natural appetite suppressant AND makes your body start using up the precious fat it's been storing up since.. well.. you were born.

I didn't know if it would work. I'm one week in (so admittedly, the "I'm happy with who I am" Eric could very well be lurking), but this diet is amazing. I'm the guy who inhales all the food on my plate, and inhales my wife's leftover's before I have a chance to think about it (back off ladies, I'm already married). Now, I'm eating more proportionally. It's currently 8:45 at night and I just finished a very small bowl of soup, namely because I knew I should eat. I don't feel like snacking, and I eat whatever I want. Really, it's no joke, if I want ice cream I could have it.. I just have no interest in it.. nor my wife's leftover french fries that are sitting right next to me as I write this.

I wanted to write a note to Seth Roberts who discovered this diet, but sadly he passed away about 2 years ago. Instead, I figured the best homage I could do is to tell the world that this diet is.. interesting. I feel better, less bloated, and my clothes are a little less snug already. So for any of my fellow IT compatriot's who hate feeling like wearing their suit is like skin on sausage, check out (or check on me in about 3 more weeks and see if I've given up hope ;).

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