Monday, February 18, 2013

Fixing The report server cannot process the report. The data source connection information has been deleted. (rsInvalidDataSourceReference)

In using SQL Report Builder (3.0) to place reports on my SharePoint 2010 install, I have been upgrading the reports to use stored procedures and reference newly created Data Source files, also hosted on said SharePoint 2010 implementation.  I have converted and improved a number of reports already, but received a new error message this time around when attempting to run a report within the designer to ensure my changes were working appropriately.  As the title indicates, my error was "The report server cannot process the report.  The data source connection information has been deleted.  (rsInvalidDataSourceReference)"

After searching the web a little bit, I came across a mention of this error here: - Ryan mentioned "There is a GUID stored in the rdl file for the data source".  As I read that line, I realized that I didn't create a new data source in my report, I only edited the properties of the existing data source, and as such some of the meta-data that allows the report builder to work it's voodoo must be off.

I've seen a number of potential fixes for this error, but for me, my fix was quite simple.  I just:

  1. Deleted the data source I had been working with
  2. Created a new data source, pointing to the same shared data connection I have on my SharePoint site. 
  3. Then, I connected my queries to use this data source, ran the report, and all was well once again.  
I suppose it's possible to have opened the RDL file within Visual Studio to muck around and see if I can find any missing data, but for me, it was easy enough to just recreate my data source reference.  Hope this helps!

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