Thursday, January 24, 2013

Simplicity in Instructions

Earlier this week, my cousin asked me to share a dropbox folder with him, so we can share some ideas on an upcoming weekend guys trip that will involve some proportion of hiking, camping, eating meat and all around manliness.  I went ahead and created a dropbox account, and was amazed at the instructions provided:

Inspired, I had decided to update any end-user support documentation I had been working on recently.  Look at how simple the instructions are here.  Dropbox just wants to get the users to install their software, so they dont worry about any of the details, just simply "click run", "click yes", and "click install".  All of these details tied up quite nicely in 3 little images, all summed up in a single page view.. no scrolling.. no hovering or clicking, and all at the user's basic eye level across the middle of the page.

This is how all instructions should be written...

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